Atlanta Real Estate Photography

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Serving the northern metro Atlanta area.


On a budget?

Up to 1500ft²

Up to 25 Photos

Additional Photos @ $5

Includes professional color correction

No discount on add-ons

Not available on weekends

No staging included


Reserve your spot today!

Up to 3000ft²

Up to 30 Photos

Additional Photos @ $5

Includes professional color correction

5% Savings on Add-ons

Weekend Appointments (add $10)

15 minutes of light staging included


Best Value!

Up to 5000ft²

Up to 40 Photos

Additional Photos @ $5

Includes professional color correction

10% Savings on Add-ons

Weekend Appointments (included)

30 minutes of light staging included


  • Pricing is based off the number of images captured and delivered. It is important to choose the correct package when placing an order. Different packages require different time on-site. If I have you scheduled for a 25 photo package and the house really needs 40, it will be difficult to accommodate regardless of a budget increase.

  • Yes, I have a $2 Million dollar policy which protects myself from any potential damage. I am always very careful on-site and I hope to never have to file a claim. 

  • I will always conduct myself in a friendly, professional manner that represents your brand in a positive light. I will always work hard to provide accurate colors and high quality photos. Have a request, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

  • Yes. Elevated photography for exterior photos is sometimes required to get the shot. It is something I typically need to know about ahead of time so I can be prepared with the proper equipment. An example would be a when there is a hill either in the front or back of the property. It isn’t something I would ever plan on using indoors, but if you have a specific need we can make it happen. 

  • Absolutely. This can be done a couple of ways. You could schedule the photoshoot later in the afternoon and I can include twilight shots at a discounted rate of $60. If you already have the content for marketing your listing, I can come out to do a twilight specific shoot for $100. Twilight sessions usually yield 3-4 photos. They take significantly longer to both capture and process, hence the higher pricing. 

  • I would prefer not to, but yes I can. Overcast skies are great for real estate photos. The clouds act as an enormous softbox which eliminates any distracting shadows. Because the skies come out pure white in the photos, it makes it easier to do sky replacements in Photoshop. Sky replacements are not expensive, but do require around a 12-24 hours lead time before delivery. 

  • If you make a schedule change at least 48 hours prior to your original appointment, no. Otherwise a 50% fee would be charged. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

  • Not currently. This may change in the near future. 

  • Absolutely. I have 7+ years of experience and a specialized setup designed specifically for creating amazing headshots. Contact me to schedule your session today!

  • No. I hope to have my FAA certification this summer. Stay tuned. In the meantime I know someone who can help you out with your drone needs. I am not a big fan of drone photos for a good 80% of the properties out there. I would much rather use my great camera on a pole to get much better quality. Drones are great for video footage though!